Waterproofing with PVC compartment system

The constructor of hybrid isolation and drainage systems

The first approved constructor of fully bonded sheet membranes in Iran

The first designer and constructor of PVC compartment system with backup injection in Iran

Waterproofing of Top-Down Construction

Design and construction of external draining systems

Asphalt Reinforcement

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

MSE Walls

Geosynthetic MSEW

Asphalt Reinforcement

Improve the lifetime of Asphalt and Reduce the cracks

Agricultural Pond

Waterproofing Agricultural and Purification pounds

WaterProofing of Basements

Drainage of Basements

Base Stabilization (Foundation,Roads,…)

Latest News

Khak sayal sazeh News

The beginning of the 11th conference on geosynthetic-seoul

The beginning of the 11th international conference on geosyn…

7th conference on geosynthetic

7th Asian conference on Geosynthetic,1st to 4th march,2021

First conference

The first period of the specialized conference "Stabilization…

Department of management and control

Workshop for managing and controlling leaks to underground structures…

First National Conference on Concrete Durability

First national concrete durability conference, May 18-19, …

Eleventh Conference

11th Korea International Geosynthetic Conference, Seoul, September…

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